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Friday, October 13, 2017

Why So Much Travel? 

Great question! And believe me, I've asked (and re-asked!) myself that several times in the past few weeks. 

Hannah and I are committing to 10+ more years with Chi Alpha in Washington, DC. Exciting, right? We think so!

And to do that, and continue to dream for the future of DC Chi Alpha, we are working to make sure we have a team of individuals and churches that are supporting us through prayer and financial investment. 

And here is some of the nitty gritty in exactly how that works. As you may know, I'm completely off-campus for this academic year in order to itinerate / support-raise / do ministry partner development (MPD) full-time.  

I'm doing this as part of a a processes within Chi Alpha and Assemblies of God US Missions (also known as AGUSM) called "National Appointment". Basically, I'm moving into the long-term, career track within our organization which will allow me to have access to more training, resources and the ability to meet with more people to build our Support Team. [This letter may be helpful for those wanting to hear more]


What's this support raising thing, again? 

If you aren't familiar with Support Raising (or some of the other terms above), don't sweat it. My friend Josh Moran wrote this awhile ago and it's a helpful primer. And this article from our friends at InterVarsity is solid. 


But the travel...

Yes, the travel. Well, 90% of my travel are trips designed so that I can meet with people (alum from Chi Alpha at American University, friends, pastors, relatives, friends of friends, friends of pastors, pastors of friends, people that want to influence DC, people that want to reach college students, etc.) and share the vision of what we're doing + invite them to consider investing. 

That's why I'm gone about two weeks each month, traveling everywhere from NYC to Brunswick, GA to San Francisco, CA to Erie, PA. You can see my calendar / schedule here. 

I do have the incredible opportunity to have nearly ten churches, all around the country, that invest in what we're doing. But I bet you might be surprised to know that we have 40+ individuals and families that invest in what we're doing, by praying daily and giving monthly. In fact, our individuals and families cover about 85% of our budget and goals! 

Someone once said, "It takes a village to raise a child." And it's true. It's also true that it takes hundreds of generous people and churches around the country to change a strategic campus in the nation's capital. 

That's really why I'm traveling so much right now. To see more stories like this, and this, and this

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