The Big Apple

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On Saturday afternoon, I left to NYC via bus (with friend, alum and supporter XY). We stayed until Wednesday, when we boarded a 1am bus to arrive back in DC at 5:30am. 

And now, I'm writing this from an airport (layover) in Chicago! I was in DC for only 48 hours between my NYC Support Raising Trip and now, I'm en route to a training event (called Candidate Orientation). No one can ever say that Support-Raising and Itinerating (also know as Ministry Partner Development) is boring or slow! 

NYC was great! It was full of good conversations, lots of food and little sleep. Here's a snapshot of what it looked like: 

Saturday: Arrive, take train to Long Island, meet with the parents of a current student leader. 

Sunday: Breakfast with an alum, church at the NYC Dream Center, and two more meals with alums while also preparing for Candidate Orientation (lots o' pre-work online). 

Monday: Sabbath! 

Tuesday: Breakfast with Pastor Brad Reed (NYC Dream Center), lunch with a friend of a friend outside the city and then dinner with the mother of a current student leader. Then, we grabbed the bus and rode it overnight! 

I'm so thankful for Mission NYC for helping us find affordable housing and even, giving us a discount. Looking for a mission trip (activities, housing or both) in NYC? They are amazing. 

Also, I'm so thankful for two churches and three individuals that gave special gifts in the past month or so, those gifts made this trip possible financially. I'm blessed to be surrounded with generous people! 


And if you're looking for ways to pray for us, consider joining our Daily Prayer Team by joining this GroupMe group. 

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