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Many of us, myself included, are having issues with Google+, Hangouts on Air and Google Hangout. These issues are only partially caused by AU Student Gmail Accounts blocking access to Google Apps such as Google Hangout but even if you had a spare Gmail account, we'd still have some problems. 

So, we built the following mini-site to help facilitate an online, on-demand training solution. 

  1. Listen to the audio file in the link above. It's the backup recording of this content. 
  2. Have a question related to the content of this training? You can submit a question that will be answered via YouTube (fancy, fancy) but the deadline is Sunday, December 22 at 10pm (Eastern). 
    • Of course, if you or your parents have question about the trip, safety, etc.  - send an email to and we'll get back to you on or before January 10 (when we return to our inboxes). 

Accessing the Resource Folder

We strongly encourage you to listen to the audio and ask questions. After that, access the Resources Folder. You shouldn't need a password, but if you do, it's the same one you used to get to this page.  STMTs Resources Folder