Creative Commons Flickr Photo by dierk schaefer

Creative Commons Flickr Photo by dierk schaefer

Can I pick your brain? 

I've honestly asked this question to friends, authors, strangers on Twitter, pastors at conferences and even people I disagree with. Sometimes, people ask me the same question (which is kind of surprising at first).

But it can sound like the questions below. 

  • have some ideas that I want to run by you. 

  • Can I buy you coffee? 

  • Can we Skype about Support Raising? 

  • How did you pull-off two successful social media based fundraisers? 

I love helping people out. I love ideas, projects, experimenting and making things that bring good to others. 

The bad news is that we all have limited talent, time and resources (or treasure). But I'm trying something out. And maybe it could help you, your team or your organization. 

The Good News ☞ I'm making myself available as a coach. 

Get all the details, folks! ➷ || Option 1Option 2