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Being A Father


I've been a father for a little over a month. Well, I feel like I should at least get half credit for the time that Baby Jeremiah was in the womb but that's another debate for another day. 

I thought I'd write about a few observations I've made as I enter into fatherhood. Or as Hannah and I joke, eighteen years of learning flexibility. 

 (1) I'm still a very selfish person.

I say "still" because Tim Keller accurately describes marriage as the rooting out of selfishness. In fact, he argues that God's intent for marriage (one of them) is that very ideal. A sanctification of sorts. 

I, like most people, didn't think I was that selfish when I was single but marriage was a wake up call. Well, having a kid, is like that but times a million. If you don't have kids, that probably sounds hyperbolic but I promise, it's not. 

I like to do things my way, I have a short fuse and I often serve my plans instead of letting them serve my goals or dreams. 

 (2) I love my son more than I could ever imagine. 

And the love I have for him is growing by the day. 

(3) I am starting to get a better grasp on "God as Father". 

When Sceipture talks about us as children or about being adopted into God's family, I understood it cognitively. But now, I understand it more in my heart. 

(4) I'm reminded that life isn't about "fixing stuff".

Enough said.