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A Catalyst for Community


Whether you're in full-time vocational ministry or you work for a non-profit as a Social Media Manager – you and I share something in common. Part of our job is to create and cultivate community. 

To be honest, we're a few years past ropes courses and trust-falls, although with the right crowd, they can still provide lots of laughs. In all seriousness, we're trying to create magical moments of connection between our brand, our followers and those in our tribe. 

I'd venture to say that you're pretty good at it. You remember people's names (which Dale Carnegie cited as one of the most important tips for making friends), attempt to process relationship before task (as Dr. Harvey Herman talks about) but it seems like something is missing. 

You wish that there was actually a special serum that would create the synergy you know your team or organization is looking for your to provide. I don't have that. I don't believe magic keys or turnkey phrases exist, but that's another story. 

However, I'd like to share what Richard Foster talks about as the unforgotten spiritual discipline in of his most-read books


Many of us are so busy moving from one project to the next, one initiative to another – that we forget to engage in celebration. Well, that's one reason we don't necessarily do better with this.

The more nefarious and often (seemingly) spiritual one is that we don't want to become prideful as leaders or foster a culture of pride (and inward thinking) on our team. But that's a poor excuse and I hope you don't mind me saying that! 

We need to celebrate the efforts of our team and most importantly, we need to get to know those around us so that we can celebrate their individual and personal successes. 

Why? Because in a dog-eat-dog world in which information is more accessible than ever, people are longing for a support team that cares for them. And that can't be found on a podcast or in an eBook.