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We're In This Together

Although support-raising is difficult (and very stressful at times), we think it's a beautiful (and biblical) framework for ministry — your family and ours has the chance to make Jesus famous in the lives of college students from around the world at American University

That's why I've written this blog post. To ask you to consider making a special, year-end gift. Below are three different opportunities where your generosity could make an impact.

Whether it's $25 or $500, when you give your resources to ministries, missionaries and churches — it goes further than when you and I place those same funds in the hands of a cashier at a retail store. 

Most of you know that we are able to be Campus Missionaries with Chi Alpha because individuals and churches give on a monthly basis. However, year-end giving is a one-time donation and goes a long way in extending our reach. Plus, it's a great way to start giving to missionaries because there's less of a commitment. 

(1) Give to a Campus Missionary on Our Staff Team

If this interests you, I'd like to personally reccomend that you invest into Natalie Hill. She's an American University graduate that recently completed the DC Chi Alpha CMIT (just like me) and is currently committed to working with us for the next three years. We couldn't do this without her! Give to Her Missions Account »

(2) Give Towards Missions at Chi Alpha

Any funds that you give will be allocated to help students and staff as they fundraise to be able to serve during Spring Break. This will be an important boost as they all try to raise funds from their personal contacts. Give Towards Missions »

(3) Give to DC Chi Alpha

These funds help several campuses, including ours, host outreach events and provide materials for ministry (to name a few of the initiatives). These are "work funds" and go directly to impacting students. Give to DC Chi Alpha »

Thanks for considering this, friends!