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A Great Documentary & Even Better Premise

f you know me, you know that I love icebreaker questions. And yes, I even wrote my first eBook on them (of course, I tried to be trendy, so I called it Conversation Kickstarters). 

I was watching stuff on my Apple TV (thanks, Mom!) and so I turned to the Watch ESPN app. Between SportsCenter, live sporting events and a one-stop ship for sports documentaries  there’s bound to be something good. 

But I didn’t know that I’d find something amazing. 

It’s a short documentary called NFL Stars Share Their Best Day

I don’t watch a lot of football (and when I do, it’s Alabama football) but for some reason, I clicked play. I'm glad I did. When I was telling Hannah about it, I realized that although I ask questions such as: 

  • What is your favorite snapshot from the past few months? 
  • What is the best childhood memory you remember? 
  • What's a highlight from this season of ministry for you personally? 

I've never asked this question, even though it's the (seemingly) ultimate icebreaker. 

hat is your best day? That's what this documentary did so well. Below is a description. 

After going on permanent disability, Mark Keys began filling his days by writing letters to athletes and celebrities to ask one simple question: What is your best day? NFL stars Chuck Bednarik, Eric Dickerson, Bruce Arians and Walter Payton wrote back. (via ESPN) 

It got my thinking — what is my best day professionally, as a minister? What about personally? I think that’s another post for another day. But I do know that since I have so many days to choose from, it means I’m blessed.