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We Lowered The Price!

About a week ago, Hannah and I lowered the price of our book Restart: A Thirty Day Devotional to just $4.99 for the Amazon Kindle version. When the eBook launched (and for the first year), it cost $12 to purchase in PDF format!

For those wondering, we only produce paperback copies for bulk orders and we know that's heartbreaking to several of you that are anti-ebook. 

And our book is available to read if you subscribe to Amazon's new (and nifty) service called Kindle Unlimited. 

You can also use the give as a gift function. I know, it's early to think about Christmas, but you can even schedule the email delivery of Kindle books! 

Why do we mention all this? 

Because resources have impacted our lives and we hope that this one can spark something in your devotional life in some way that would bring you closer to Jesus. And a few people like the idea that buying this specific resource, helps us as campus missionaries in a financial way. So, not only are you investing in yourself, but you're also helping us invest in others. 

Already read the book? 

Then you could help us out by leaving a review! If you leave a review and then email us a screenshot of the review, we'll send you a free digital gift. Seriously! 

Thanks for staying in touch & believing in us!