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7,560 Reasons for A Buzz Cut During Winter

Yes, to answer your question, I did it. 

I got a new haircut. 

And there are 7,560 reasons that I did so. 

I figured that I spend around $35 per month on a haircut, hair products and conditioner. And that if I eliminate those costs, I could save $7.560 by the time Jeremiah (our soon-to-debut kiddo) turns 18.

In some ways, I'm being facetious in that I am not committing to have this haircut for nearly two decades. But for now, it sounded fun. 

And in the first year, I'll save $420. 

You might be thinking, Blane, can you not afford $35 a month for personal grooming? And I'd answer by saying, I can afford it but I'd rather spend it elsewhere. 

Like on food. And coffee. And Jeremiah. 

I think I'm going to spoil our little man!