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Getting Your Attention

What if God has been trying to use your circumstances to get your attention and you didn't see it for what it was? 

That's a question that I had the chance to ask about a hundred college students at American University. As many of you know, I work on staff with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries and I had the opportunity to speak at one of our first worship gatherings of the semester. 

We're in a series called Next and we're talking about the idea of Next is Now while examining the story of Moses as recorded in Exodus. The choices, habits and goals that we work towards and for now, will lead us to what we experience next in life. You see where we're going with this? 

You can actually listen to our podcast via this nifty link if you want to!  

As I reflect on the conversations I've had with students recently and things I've personally been processing, I recognize the importance of reminding ourselves of a few things.  

1. That relationships always take effort if they're going to be worthwhile. This includes our relationship with God and those we love the most such as family and spouses. 

2. We can't expect a return in areas in which we don't invest. In some ways, if we expect bad things to happen and adopt a negative outlook - we'll be hard-pressed to find joy and fulfillment in our lives. 

3. Sometimes, we need a hug (metaphorically) and other times we need a kick in the pants (also metaphorically). Some people need both but who gets which is determined by listening. And in fact, you can need one of those in one area of your life and the other in a different one. 

What have you been learning lately in your own life?  Are you in a season if life where you need a hug or a kick in the pants?