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Why We Do Events on Campus

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Cheering on AU's Volleyball Team w/ The Blue Crew

Cheering on AU's Volleyball Team w/ The Blue Crew

As I gear up for all that is Fall Kickoff with Chi Alpha at American University, I began to think about all the late nights and early mornings. I mean, in the first few weeks of school, we host about a dozen events on campus in addition to our regular services and small groups. It is really fun, don't get me wrong. But Hannah and I have this ritual where, the night before, I kiss her goodbye and say, "See you in September". 

Of course, it's a joke but there is some truth to it. We strive to connect students with our ministry and our community during the first few weeks since it is such a strategic time as habits, peer groups and schedules are being formed.  

Many people have asked me over the years, about our ministry model and why we focus so much attention (funds and time) towards events. It's a great question. 

I don't know if I've ever answered it in a succinct way but recently, a friend of mine who just graduated reflected on some of the events she attended and what they meant to her. 

I walked up to the steps of Spiritual Life Center, where “Cones & Chi Alpha” was kicking off. I had been on campus less than 36 hours, so everything was new and overwhelming. One thing that wasn’t new to me was Chi Alpha. My parents had worked with Chi Alpha while I was growing up, but I felt unsure about getting personally involved. I wasn’t sure the Christians were the people I wanted to hang out with at college.

I'd encourage you to read the rest of her post at the DC Chi Alpha Blog. As I think about all that we do, her story and others with similar experiences -  remind us why we do what we do.