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A New Source of Inspiration


I have recently begun to delve into the world of documentaries and I think I might be addicted. They are so inspiring, what can I say. I don't know what sparked the interest, initially but I've been watching them via Netflix en masse the past few days. Now that I think about it, it may have something to do with the fact that I am an avid fan of This American Life. I've been listening to NPR for awhile, but I had never heard an entire episode of the show. I highly recommend it!  

Earlier today, I watched Indie Game and even though I had it queued up in the back of my mind to watch sometime, it was a recent post by Justin McRoberts that pushed me to actually watch it. Now, I should mention that the language of this documentary is a little rough at parts (if that sort of thing bothers you) but that the it is a top-notch film. From personal interviews shot with a refreshing cinematic style to a multi-faceted story - it left me both inspired and with a feeling of appreciation for all those that design games. 

In fact, it was so riveting that I searched for indie iPad games during the movie and instantly fell in love with both Dots and Letterpress (both of which are free). 

I really enjoy being fully engrossed in a story, especially if it is outside of my industry or usual circle. I think that's why I enjoyed Mr. Jiro Dreams of Sushi so much when I saw it a few months back. But I should mention that I thoroughly enjoy sushi! 

A few nights ago, Hannah and I watched Veducated on Netlfix and although the content wasn't creative in nature per se - I enjoyed watching people share about ideals they were passionate about. 

So, even though I think I'm inspired by the content of the documentaries, I think that the form of storytelling itself has grabbed my attention.  

What is your current source of creative inspiration? Have you seen any incredible documentaries lately?