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Choose My Next Blogging Series

I will be offline and on vacation with Hannah this week but I thought I'd try something new on my blog.

You get to choose my next blogging series. It will range from 5-7 posts and the first one will hit the interwebs (as my friends call it) sometime next week.

Here we go. Just leave a comment on this post about which series you want me to do! And if you don't mind telling me why you made that choice, that'd be helpful! I am a curious guy, you know?

Option A - Tools of the Trade
I would highlight and share about the apps, websites and tools that I use as a blogger, fundraiser and Chi Alpha Staff Pastor.

Option B - False Theologies
This name of this title is based on the phrase, false dichotomies. But I will focus on ideas and notions I've previously held that I have found to be untrue.

Option C - Living Intentionally
I will discuss the framework of how we try to live our lives. I'll also talk about a few tips that others have shared with me that have been helpful for my own life planning and goal setting as well as memory making.

Alright - now it's up to you!