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Win Free Copies of Our Book

Did you know that we wrote a book? You can read more about how it all happened by reading this post from earlier in the week. 

To celebrate the release of our book Restart: A Fresh Perspective on God, Life & Everything on Monday, we thought we'd give away three free copies this weekend! And it gets better, the winners will receive the eBook version before the official release date! So besides our proofs, you'll have the first copies!


Friday's Contest

All you have to do is tweet why you're excited about the book and include the official hashtag which is #restartdevo. See below for an example. Winner will be announced on Friday at 11pm (Eastern). Ready? Go for it! 

 UPDATED (7/13) The winner is » Tyler Gerfers ‏(@Gerfers)

Saturday's Contest

This one is pretty simple and involves Facebook. 

Here's what to do. Download the image below (also available at this link) and upload it to Facebook. Make sure you tag at least one of us in the photo or in the status. Winner will be announced on Saturday at 11pm (Eastern). But, you can't post the picture until Saturday, so don't try and get a head start! 

 UPDATED (7/14) The winner is » Brandy McDonald

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Sunday's Contest

Remember, you can't enter the contest until the day of the contest. 

Here's what to do on Sunday. Are you ready? 

On social media (any network or platform of your choosing), write a short update about why you want to win a free copy of our book. Then, make sure you include the following link: and a note that mentions that the book launches tomorrow.  

Winner will be announced on Saturday at 9pm (Eastern). 

 Let me know if you have any questions. And good luck!