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Do You Remember When We Decided to Write a Book?

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It seems like forever ago. 

On April 6 of this year, Hannah and I launched a Kickstarter Project to fund our very first book. We named it Restart: A Fresh Perspective on God, Life & Everything. It's a 30-Day Devotional written with high school and college freshman in mind. 

On May 6, we received word that we had raised $2,037 of our $2,000 goal. Our project was funded and we were ecstatic! Now, although we shared quotes via social media from our forthcoming book - we didn't actually have a book yet. 

Well, just a few moments ago in the wee hours of the morning on July 11 and just eight hours before our final draft was due, we finished it. 

I'm nearly speechless. At a few points, it honestly felt like this moment would never come. 

We are so grateful for all of you that cheered us on, gave towards the project and even used your social media influence to create buzz around the release of the book. Thank you.  

A Free Sample

You can download a free sample of Restart: A Fresh Perspective on God, Life & Everything with the code "free" using this link

Release Details

The eBook will be available for purchase via on Monday, July 15 for $8. It is a PDF and you'll be able to read it on your Mac, PC, Kindle, Nook or iPad/iPhone via iBooks. 

We have a limited-quantity of physical books and are going to sell them until we run out. At this point, we are unsure if we will do a second printing. You can check how many we have available and make a purchase via The release date is Monday, July 15 but the books won't ship until the following day via USPS Media Mail. The cost is $12 for local peeps or $14 which would include shipping & handling.

A Special Offer Available to Only 15 People - This Weekend Only

To get everyone pumped up about the big release, we created a Limited Edition Bundle. We only have 15 of these available in total and as of yesterday, we've already sold one! 

This bundle is $23.50 and includes:

  • Physical Book
  • Book
  • Promo Sticker
  • Nifty Surprise! 

Note: This is a pre-sale. Your physical items will be mailed via USPS on 7/16/13 and your digital items will also be sent to you on the same day.

Interested? Access this offer via this link directly!