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Good News & Bad News

The Good News

I am spending some quality time with my parents in The Woodlands and I have been resting up as I am embarking on a 2,000 trip through Texas & New Mexico (with my mom) over the next week. Well, I had some car trouble but I got to my parent's home safe and sound with little traffic. 

The Bad News

I just found out that my car needed some serious work - new spark plugs (causing sputtering) and something replaced relating to my rack and pinion as well as steering (causing leaking). Well, I am not a car guy but thankfully, my parent's have a shop nearby that they use and my Dad is friends with the owner. 

The estimated that the cost for labor and parts is going to be $1,000. 

As many of you know, I am traveling so much this summer to raise more support as we continue to serve with Chi Alpha. Although we do have some funds set aside for an emergency like this, this is somewhat of a downer on this trip and our support raising efforts. 

Although we don't do this often as it relates to a one-time need, but we'd like to ask you to consider helping us. We aren't going to keep asking until we get the money (because that would be awkward and weird), but we did want to see if there was anyone that desired to help us with this unforeseen expense. We know that most of you give on a regular basis,  and we don't want anyone to feel pressure. We just know that oftentimes, we do not have because we do not ask (see James 4). 

» If you are interested in giving, your gift towards this immediate need is tax-deductible and processed securely through our online giving page. [Link]