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Need A Restart?

Hannah and I are just about to turn in the first draft of our book, do a quick round of edits and then finally get the first few boxes of physical copies in a couple weeks! 

The idea behind the devotional content is, "Do you need a restart?". A lot of times, I find myself searching for encounters or information when, I may actually need my framework to be shifted.  

As I continue to travel this summer, I've had the chance to connect with old friends and make some really cool new ones. I was recently in Auburn, Alabama and even though I am a Crimson Tide fan - I feel in love with the town and the people! 

Josh & Ginger Hallmark, some friends of ours, pastor at Campus Church and they had me in to speak this past Sunday.  

And I had the chance to share about some of the key ideas and conversations that led us to write our book in the first place. You can watch it below or grab it via iTunes (audio or video).  

 A big thanks to Mark Croushorn for all of his help with media before and after the service! Oh - and well played in regards to the thumbnail that you chose! I will get you back next time, my friend.