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I Didn't Intend To Be So Quiet

So, I haven't been incredibly active on social media for the past days. Now, don't start thinking I've abandoned technology or anything because that is certainly not what happened.

Let's just say that if you, hypothetically, use 7GB of data on your iPhone in one week, that's not necessarily something to brag about. Especially since my entire family shares 6GB and we had three more weeks until the next billing cycle.

Fun times.

Actually, it all worked out better than I thought and I had a great customer service experience with our provider, AT&T. Well, maybe it was more of a great customer relationship since the calls lasted over an hour but let's not make that a big deal.

I only ended up having to pay $10 and although I will self-restrict my Internet habits to wifi over the next few days, I will be traveling in places that should have it readily available.

In case you're curious on how I could use that much data, let's just say that streaming Pandora for hours, downloading podcasts and having DropBox auto-upload every photo you take are all probably contributing factors. Just a tip for you!

I am writing this from the Squarespace App on my iPhone which is a long story, but I plan to update y'all even more over the next few days. I'm currently in New Orleans for the night and tomorrow, I will head to Mississippi and then to The Woodlands, Texas. Which as I think about it, feels crazy since I was just in Auburn preaching at Campus Church this morning!

Note - This is a photo of my with Tyler, the son of my Chi Alpha directors. Check out his tie!