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My Podcast Pastors

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A friend of mine asked me about which podcasts I'd recommend and so I compiled this list for him. But I thought others might be interested as well. So, here is the list I try to listen to on a regular/semi-regular basis. Now, I don't always stay up-to-date but these are my go-to podcasts. For those curious, I am not suggesting that anything can or should take the place of involvement and engagement in a local church. These are just a few more tools and resources to add to your repertoire!

Do you listen to any church or ministry podcasts on a regular basis? Share in the comments. 


Timothy Keller - NYC

Andy Stanley - ATL

Steven Furtick - NC

Mark Batterson - DC

Leadership & Living Intentionally

Andy Stanley - ATL Note - This is a different podcast than above. 

Michael Hyatt