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Four Short Minutes. 1 Big Idea.

Tuesday - Blane Young.jpg

I was honored to be asked to share during our Small Talk  Series at INCITE this week. These talks are anywhere from four minutes to ten minutes and this year, focus on the theme of communication.

I had the chance to discuss the vision and idea behind a team that I helped form at AU Chi Alpha about two years ago. The team is now completely student-led and is a cadre of storytellers and artists that assist our staff team in communicating creatively on campus. Let me tell you, the students that are a part of this team are seriously talented and committed to using their gifts for a purpose bigger than themselves. Without them, this talk (and the team itself), wouldn't even be a reality. 

You can listen to my Small Talk  below. Enjoy! 

What did you take away from this talk? What questions did it leave you asking?