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The following post is a part of a blog series called Sharing the Adventure in which I recap a few of the highlights from my recent 30 Day Road Trip.  

I am not often speechless, but I found myself in this curious predicament a few days ago. As I traveled for what amounted to around 7,000 miles to raise support as a Campus Missionary, my car essentially broke down. At the time, I was certainly not flabbergasted (as that came later). I was upset, frustrated and disappointed. 

I hadn't seen Hannah in almost a month and the last thing I wanted to do was to come home from this trip with less money than I started. I would venture to say that could be considered a lackluster plan for raising funds.  

Well, the repairs totaled $1,500 but thankfully, these issues didn't cause any delays or cancellations for my trip as I was traveling with my Mom and we utilized her car.  

So, after being super stressed, I started praying and then updated everyone via the blog and our email newsletter. Then, I waited. 

With additional help of another Campus Missionary at a nearby campus in Washington, DC - something amazing happened. In less than four days, a handful of supporters sent in exactly $1,500! There is even one person that I had never met before that generously gave to get me back on the road.  

When we found out about these donations, Hannah and I were flabbergasted.  

It reminded us that there are so many people that are cheering us on and invested in the ministry that we get to do in the city. This is just one of many stories that have come out of this trip already. I can't wait to share more of these throughout this week via the blog. 

I don't use this word lightly, but this felt like a miracle. What I realized in the midst of all of this, is that miracles start out as messes. They are stressful, frustrating and pretty chaotic. At the beginning of this ordeal, it didn't exactly fell like a miracle. It was at thee end of the story that resolve occurred.  Now, I won't easily forget that whatever circumstance or situation that I might be facing, the story is not over yet.