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Burnout, Prayer & A July Wedding

I've been trying to up my game (as they say) as it pertains to the amount of books and blogs that I read. I usually get to focus on stuff like this a little more in the summer since school is out. Don't get this idea that I'm golfing everyday or anything like that - I am actually trying to be productive this summer and besides, I don't golf.

Well, I've I were grabbing a cup of coffee with you at Starbucks (or Nehemiah's if we were in Tuscaloosa and I could pick the place), I would probably tell you about the following three blogs that I read recently.

Overcoming Burnout

An incredibly deep and yet practical discussion on the emotions and spiritual condition behind burnout. It gives great perspective and talks about the root of the issue while addressing the symptoms. It is written by Justin Davis who serves at CrossPoint Church, is an author and a blogger at Refine Us. Read the post »

The Truth About Prayer

Speaking of CrossPoint Church, Pete Wilson (the Lead Pastor) recently released a video recap of a series that they are doing called 5 Lies. In this YouTube size snippet, he teases out some of the incorrect thinking we have when it comes to approaching prayer. Watch the video »

As I Get Married

I just read this today and I have always enjoyed the writings of Kyle Reed. If you are a twenty-something and you aren't reading his blog, then you aren't doing something right. He shares about his expectations as he enters a new season of life as he is preparing to get married this summer.  Read the post »

What blogs or videos have you come across lately that are worth sharing? Share a link and let me know why you liked it in the comments!