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This Is So Crazy!


So, this is the story that I mentioned via social media that I couldn't wait to share. Although some of you guessed that we might be having a baby, you are incorrect. But nice try!

Well, Hannah & I decided to spend the morning together in Tuscaloosa this past Friday. It's where we went to college and surprisingly, we hadn't been back to campus since we graduated and got married on the same weekend. So, four years later (almost to the exact date), we took a walk down memory lane

Here's the crazy part. 

We walk into the campus book store and after looking through tons of really cool t-shirts and random kitchen items with the University of Alabama logo stuck on them, I notice a book. As you can tell by the picture above, it is prominently displayed. 

It is a book full of lists (which I love) on how to survive and thrive in college. And the sticker on the front said that it was written by students at the University of Alabama. I then had a flashback but it was somewhat blurry. I remember hearing Hannah talk about taking a class during undergrad in which the assignment was to write a portion of a book with her fellow classmates. And, after several minutes of putting the pieces together, we realized that the book I was looking at - was the book she had helped write! She didn't even know that it  was published, let alone promoted at her alma mater! 

Hannah is the only person in the world that would help a professor write a book, then forget about it, only to see it displayed for sale. Her name is even mentioned in the front of the book! It is so funny and yet surreal to me that Hannah did all of this with so little effort. Man, she is brilliant!

She wrote an incredibly witty chapter on irony, and if you're interested, the book is sold on Amazon. (Note - We aren't vouching for the content of the entire book, just what she wrote!) For those curious, the book is titled, Sand Sure Gets in Funny Places