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Sharing Alongside Steve

I had the incredible privilege of teaching a youth Sunday School class this morning and then sharing in the main service about what God is doing through Chi Alpha at American University

Of course, I joked about how difficult it was to be at a university that is eerily similar to Auburn University in that they share an acronym, school colors and even a mascot!. if you didn't know, I am a proud University of Alabama graduate and most of the people in the church understood my plight as they are located about forty minutes from my alma mater. 

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It was also a unique opportunity in that today is Pentecost Sunday. Pastor Chad Payne did an incredible job of helping all of us to remember that the empowerment of the Holy Spirit exists for the sake of mission. I got to share alongside, someone I consider a legend, Steve Donaldson.

He leads Rural Compassion and you probably know his brother, Hal, who leads Convoy of Hope. So, not only were we both speaking as missionaries on such an important day in the liturgical calendar, but we talked about making a difference in both the rural places and the city. 

If you have a passion for God, you will demonstrate it by having a compassion for people
— Steve Donaldson