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23 Copies of Restart Given Away on Black Friday

Creative Ccmmons Flickr Image via RLHyde

Creative Ccmmons Flickr Image via RLHyde

Awhile ago, my wife and I ran a Kickstarter Campaign and eventually published a book together. It's called Restart: A Fresh Perspective on God, Life & Everything and it's in a devotional format. 

Well, we partnered with our friends at DC Chi Alpha Campus Ministries and they did something we'd never done before. They gave away the eBook version for FREE and not only that, they made up to ten download codes available for each person! 

This week, we'll email all the download codes and free eBooks to those that took part in the deal. I'm so stoked!

 If you missed out, you can still purchase the eBook for $8 but the paperback version has been sold out for some time. 

I've got a question for you - what's the best book you've ever received as a gift from a friend or relative? Let me know in the comments!