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I Love Free Stuff!


I've been dumpster diving. I've attended events on a college campus (while a student and a staff member) just for the free food. And, last but not least, I've entered what seems like an endless number of online contents. In fact, I've won tickets to a conference before and even autographed copies - so, I thought I'd spread the love. 

How far have you gone for free stuff? 

Let me know in the comments. But before you do that, use the widget below to enter a contest to win a box of incredible resources. Yesterday, I blogged about my love for helping resourcing people and I announced that I'm writing another eBook but I'll need your help

It includes the following books:

  • Who is My Neighbor by Moore
  • Why Church Matters by Harris
  • Collide by Dailey

Only one person wins (that's right, they take all three) but there are several different ways to improve your chances of winning. The contest only lasts a few days, so get to it!