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Help Me Choose My Next eBook Topic


I've got the hankering to do some research and writing. So, I'm going to write another eBook but I think it'll be far shorter than Restart but longer than Conversation Kickstarters (which is actually FREE right now, but this won't last forever). 

But I'd like for you to help me choose what to write about. I enjoy writing but even more, I love creating resources that are actually helpful for people just like you. 

I'd Like Your Help, Folks! 

I'd like for you to vote (using the widget below) for what you'd like for me to write about.

What would help you? What would help your friends, family or colleagues? That's what I want to write about! It's not going to be a perfect book, but it's entire aim is to help people learn and lead in such a way that would make a difference in their lives in a practical way! 

Help me decide my next eBook. Please only vote once, thanks!
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Drop me a note about why you voted the way you did! And I'd love to hear about a recent book that has impacted you in a profound way!