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Gratitude, Health Issues & My Wife

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Since Thanksgiving is a few weeks away and in light of Philippians 4:8, I've decided to take a few minutes each day for the next few weeks to blog about something (or someone) that I'm grateful for. 

In a sermon that I've shared so many times (and listened to no less than five times myself), Steven Furtick says that gratitude and entitlement are inversely related. Even though I have been having health issues (and have begun sharing the challenges along the way) - I have come to realize the importance of choosing where I focus my attention, attitude and emotions.

 It sounds obvious, but when I'm reminded of my health issues by the pain and discomfort I feel almost every second of the day, I've realized I need to be that much more intentional and proactive about choosing where to direct my thoughts. 

In NC w/ The Finley's this Summer

In NC w/ The Finley's this Summer

Day 1

Today, I'm grateful for my wife, Hannah.

I know that you're thinking that I should be grateful for her everyday - and I am but I thought I'd say it in a unique way today. Her verbal encouragement and constant kindness have been the medicine that my soul has needed these past few months. She constantly goes out of her way to demonstrate how much she cares for me and she has been so grace-giving as I've had a lot of days recently where it's been a challenge just to face the day due to the pain, fatigue or discouragement stemming from my health issues. 

She truly makes me want to be the person I feel that God created me to be, and she does so even in moments where I'm probably more difficult than I should be. 

Hannah - Thanks for being my best friend and truly living out the vows we made. I love you and hope that we continue to cherish our moments together, both the big and seemingly mundane. 

In sickness and in health...

 Want to join me in the gratitude project? Go for it! Leave a comment with a link to your blog and download the graphic that I made via this link