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It's Thanksgiving, Y'all!



Hannah and I hope that you and your family are having a wonderful day full of memories, tasty food and relaxation! Although we had tentatively planned to spend time with Hannah's family in MD, we realized that I needed to stay home to continue my slow recovery. As many of you know, I just had back surgery on Tuesday and even though I'm seeing drastic improvements - the pain and soreness from the surgery is certainly taking its toll. But Hannah put together a tasty Thanksgiving meal, we bought lots of treats and we're enjoying more quality time together since we were in college (seriously). 


Hannah has been so helpful as she's managed my medicine schedule, gone out on several walks with me and been the best nurse that I could ask for! We're also so encouraged by the crazy amount of notes, gift cards, texts, tweets and food that y'all have sent from all over the country. Thank you so much! I plan to go to work on Monday, but I think I'll be pretty slow. I've got two followup appointments at GUH, one in December and the other in January. I am really optimistic about what's to come! 

Plus, we've caught up on all of our Hulu+ Shows, watched a few movies from iTunes and even saw the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade for the very first time together!

A Chance to Make Kids Smile

I love projects, but you probably already know that! From my blog to a handful of eBooks that I've written, I'm finally admitting that I'm an idea-guy. Earlier this week, I had a simple idea: I'd raise money to give to parents that serve as missionaries so that they could buy an extra gift or two for their kids. Well, I didn't publicize it much but we're already almost at 50% of our goal of $500. You can read more about it, consider giving and share it via social media. 


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