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My Brother & His Passion for Meaningful Art

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The Gratitude Project 

Over the past few weeks, I've been blogging about the things, people and places that I'm grateful for. You can read other posts in this series by right here. 

Today's Post

Today, I thought I'd write about my brother Spencer and his passion for meaningful art. Although we fought a lot growing up (as brothers do), our relationship has improved over the years. To be honest, one of the most difficult things about moving to Washington, DC a few years ago was transitioning from living just about an hour away. Hannah and I are driving to GA this upcoming weekend to see him graduate - and as I was thinking about the trip, I realized that I'm grateful for my brother on a few levels. 

Photo by John Clay Bryson

First of all, I'm grateful for our friendship. I feel that it's that type of relationship that, no matter what you disagree on, you continue to find ways to find a common ground. We laugh a lot, talk about religion and politics, watch movies and enjoy scouting out local BBQ restaurants. 

I'm also really grateful for the example that he sets for me (and so many others) about being yourself. As I talk to others about my brother, I often brag on his ability to create, live, dress and pursue interests that are important to him despite what others may think about them. In that way, he's brave and someone I look up to. 

Lastly, I'm grateful for his passion for meaningful art. He's about to graduate from SCAD but all throughout his studies and projects, he's continued to maintain a focus on creating things that matter. Which, if you do any kind of creating, know can be difficult because it's often the most palatable art or the most comfortable art that tends to get the most attention. It's inspiring to see someone engage in their craft and live in the tension of knowing what could be and what is - all the while working to bridge that chasm. 

What is something that you've learned or been inspired by that you've seen in a sibling or friend?