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A Lot of Firsts

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 Early last week, I had an idea that later became what I've nicknamed, The Gratitude Project. You can read more about it, see previous posts and even download the graphic so that you can do it on your own blog! 

 So, you're probably wondering who I'm going to write about today. I asked myself the same question as the cursor continued to stare at me. And I hate that moment when it seems to taunt you as it blinks and thus, shows the only movement in an already completely empty sea of blankness. Anyways. 

Day 4

Today, I'm grateful for a place that's really a group of people. It's in this community that I experienced a lot of firsts. I'm so thankful for the people that make up Family Life Church in Brunswick, GA.  

I decided to create a list of all the firsts that I experienced during my time at, what people call, FLC. It's amazing to see everything in print, and I'm sure I haven't thought of everything! 

Hanging Out w/ The Pitchford Family

Hanging Out w/ The Pitchford Family

  • My First Youth Group
  • My First Mentor 
  • My First - Church Internship
  • My First Pastorate - Middle School Youth Pastor
  • My First Sending Church - Investing Into Chi Alpha
  • My First Supporters - The Kavanaugh Family  
  • Hannah and I's First Apartment - Moved to GA after our honeymoon  

As many of you know (and probably agree), a church is really the conglomeration of a lot of broken people that are in search of grace. It's beautiful and messy at the same time. But the best parts of Christian community don't just happen, they have often been prayed over, planned and fought for by the pastors.

Pastor Chris, thank you for leading in such a way that invites people into ministry and makes ownership exciting! I've heard hundreds of sermons you've taught, and yet, it's your life that has made the biggest impact. 

For those at Family Life Church, I cannot fully express my gratitude. You provided a healthy and safe environment where I could learn, grow, lead, fail and be loved. My prayer for you is that you never forget the familial relationships - as they always turned out to be the most transformational.