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The Coolest Little Sister

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Last week, I decided to start The Gratitude Project. It's a daily commitment to become proactive about cultivating an attitude of thankfulness, no matter what problems or issues I'm facing. I haven't kept up as much as I planned, but alas, there's grace, right? 

You can read more about it via this link.  I've also heard speculation that a friend of mine (who's both courageous and creative) is about to start a similar blogging series. 

Day 3

She Emcees at Her College Ministry

She Emcees at Her College Ministry

I'm grateful for my sister, Dennissa.  She's super affirming, passionate about ministry, gifted beyond measure and has a heart of pure gold. And for those of you that have met her, you know that's not a definitive list! One of my favorite things about our friendship, is that it continues to grow as we get older. We are very alike but in a lot of ways, she has matured quicker than I have. 

I have a few favorite (embarrassing?) stories that I love sharing about her. If she's reading this right now, she's most likely hoping that I don't share the story of the bead. Don't worry, sis - I'm not going there today.  

But I do want to share a story that I think, she too often forgets. I think she was somewhere around the age of seven and she raised $500+ for a missionary that served at an orphanage in Africa. We all knew that she had a big goal, but we weren't exactly sure how it was going to pan out. Yet, she surprised us because she put in lots of prayer, work and effort - and she acted like any kid that age would've done the same. 

Dennissa - I love all of our memories but most of all, I love who you're becoming. Thanks for being you!