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Watching It Happen

Have you ever seen a car accident happen? I'm not talking about seeing the aftermath and then feeling guilty for looking away or immediately praying. I think it's safe to say that we've all done that more than once. I remember being around ten years old when I saw an accident unfold in front of my very eyes in the lane right next to me. There was glass everywhere and an all out state of confusion ensued. I can still picture the man walking out of his car with his hand touching his bloody head. It is not something that I could forget even if I tried. I recently heard someone say that all of us get somewhere but only a few of us choose the destination. I think they were right. But I think it's more than what I usually make it out to be. It's not limited to a five year career plan or even dreams of what life could be like later down the road. Those things are good but I all too quickly forget the value of bringing intentionality to the memories that I'd like to have with my family and friends.

I am not going to make excuses anymore. I am not going to live life in the passenger seat. Sure, my plans may not always work and the memories I hope to make may take a lot of effort, but I think I'm ready. May I never be known as an innovative thinker and an unimaginative spouse or lackluster friend.